One book left from flipkart

Its happened again. I am back on court and played four games but not continuously. Next time tear the net.

It’s ok but next time never skip the break fast. It was like driving a bicycle with no air. You can drive but not for so long beware!

One book left from flipkart and I am waiting!!! Om Sai Ram ..why me? :P

Samsung galaxy A sounds like a pop song. Haha. But I never go for samsung mobile even if you are giving it free with money. ;)

Just crossed the Gov Green Bar. What the hell..I have to go home and drink beer or orange votka again with my family but not alone or not with friends too :(

As usual won only one game and lost two with noob punk.

Its always awesome!

No fan sound, WhatsApp beep alert for every 20 secs, AllOut liquid smell, puppies playing in my mind..after switching of the light brain awaken to think past..well gonna sleep in 100….99…98..

Happy Diwali Folks!

Lets start from this Diwali at least!

No time to write anything because of this DOTA2.

Well I hope the people of India and other lives in abroad belongs to India celebrated this Diwali safely with joy.